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Book 47: The Night the Angels Sang

Book 47 was The Night the Angels Sang.

I am not as close as I usually am to meeting my goal. :P

My goal was to read 50 books in English, and 3 "real" books in German. There is no way I'll meet that second part, but I will read 3 German books -- they'll just be children's books or mini-books, which is fine with me. :)

Currently reading (and this list hasn't changed in a while, it seems. Haven't had as much time to read as I usually do, though I'm off work until Jan. 4!):

The Onassis Women
The Ideal Husband
The Five People You Meet in Heaven (German)
Johannes (German)
Das Dschungelbuch (The Junglebook) (German)
(for the first time I don't have an English book that I'm reading regularly, meaning it's on my nightstand to be read every night. It's Johannes instead and I don't always have the brainpower at the end of the day to tackle any of it)
(nothing in the car lately -- I'll remedy that for 2010)
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